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Vintage Posters and Art Glass as usual

20 Aug

All things Gabbiani Murano Glass - Part 1 Venice

Posted by Antonia Kolev

Venice is not an island. Murano is not an island. They are atoms linked by water that come together in a single entity: the lagoon of Venice.

The fragmentation of single parts, wonderful islands in themselves, small maritime worlds, and their fusion in the powerful, sumptuous, innovative and eccentric Venice and its Republic. The art of commerce, the curiosity regarding Oriental cultures, the precious ability to meld the knowledge of faraway lands with Italian genius.

Murano Glass should be considered this way: a sublime blend of many factors: glass powders, the furnace’s heat, the master’s hand create a reality held together by colour, form, structure, surface, spirit, mind, hands, mouth, and breath. The ritual repeats itself with every new cast, each time something changes and the objects result already special because they are unique.

For over 40 years Gabbiani has espoused this philosophy where creating Murano glass means to imagine, to draw on the past and to project oneself into the future while tending an ear to the lapping of the Lagoon’s waters.