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Vintage Posters and Art Glass as usual

05 Sep

All things Gabbiani Murano Glass - Part 2 Colors

Posted by Antonia Kolev

Glass is color, light, shadow, reflection, transparency and opaqueness. The knowledge contained in ancient recipe books listing formulas for color compositions for glass is reserved to very few.

Every glass-master jealously guards his secret formulas, and each formula is a legacy transmitted from father to son. This is because a color is the alchemy of a multiplicity of factors, even meteorological ones. It is for this reason that even for the very same glass-master it is at times difficult to recreate the exact conditions in which a color was created.

Glass is one of the most versatile materials, both in the working of it as in the coloring of it. The challenge is in mixing the components and experimenting. The results are always surprising. Every new tone reminds us that we still have so much to discover in working with this magnificent ancient and contemporary material.