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Product Image Inland Printer. Christmas 1895 Plate 172

Inland Printer. Christmas 1895 Plate 172

$ 200.00

by Will H Bradley, American (1868-1962)
Condition A
Original lithograph from the "Les Maitres de l'Affiches" series Plate 172
Printed by Imprimerie Chaix, Paris, 1896-1900
11 3/8 in x 15 3/4 in

"Bradley had a singleness of purpose and an emphasis on the detailed ornamentation. He especially excels in giving his images a certain graphic rhythm, with the seeping curves and lines complementing and reinforcing each other until they create a composition that attracts and fascinates with an insistent pattern…Starting in 1894, Bradley began to design monthly covers for this Chicago based magazine for the printing trade, thereby making it one of the earliest publications to abandon the permanent cover, the custom of the day, in favour of variety. No doubt Bradley's mastery of graphic arts contributed to the publishers decision" (Rennert, PAI-XV, 147)