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Gabbiani Murano Glass

For almost forty years Gabbiani, Venezia, has carried out with great enthusiasm the artisan tradition of glassmaking, which confirms exclusively manual procedures, jealously preserved and transmitted directly from the "maestro" to the apprentice. The ancient "recipe books" for the glass substance, going back as far as 1523, still give rise to every single one of Gabbiani's pieces. Even though continuous experimentation has allowed Gabbiani to obtain ever-changing shades of color, brilliance and transparence, the design and execution of each object are deeply rooted in the secular tradition and rare, original creativity of the Venetian artists. The same artists who made Venetian glass famous all over the world. Gabbiani glass production is entrusted to the extraordinary art of the best "maestry" of Murano.

{il dettaglio diventa magia}
{the detail is magic}